The Quotable Morse Peckham
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portrait of Morse Peckham
Morse Peckham (1914–1993)

Morse Peckham was a professor of English and specialist in Victorian and Romantic literature. However, he investigated and commented on a huge variety of topics.

This website grew out of my study of Peckham, Romanticism Taken Seriously: Morse Peckham and the Study of Human Behavior, when I began to realize that he produced more juicy chunks of wisdom and snappy one-liners than I could ever reasonably use in a scholarly book.

Peckham's ideas changed a lot over the 40-odd years that he wrote. I have drawn here more on the "mature" stage of his thought, of the 1970s and after, although earlier stages are represented as well. In any case, one should not expect all the quotations here to be coherent with each other.

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