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David Dennen’s Writings on Odia Music & Literature

This page lists the various published and unpubished, finished and unfinshed writings by myself on various aspects of Odia music and literature. For writings by others, please see the translations and bibliographies.

Words into Music: A Study and Translation of Kabisūrẏya Baḷadeba Ratha’s Kiśoracandrānanda Campū.” (2014)
My dissertation, a full-length exploration of Kiśoracandrānanda Campū in Odishan history and culture, with full translation.

Melody and/or Prosody: The Double History of Rāga in Odisha.”
Presented at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Indianapolis, Indiana (14-17 November 2013).

The Naming of ‘Odissi’: Changing Conceptions of Music in Odisha.” The Ravenshaw Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies III (2013): 58–82.
On the origins of the name “Odissi” and some of the historical alternatives. The diacritics did not get converted correctly in the published article, which may make some parts difficult to understand. For this reason I am posting a corrected version here (the original title was “From ‘Odia’ to ‘Odissi’: Changing Conceptions of Music in Odisha”).

Shyamamani Devi on Odissi Music and Her Life as a Singer.” The Odishan 1/2 (2012): 54–57.
An interview I did with the well-known Odissi singer, assisted by Amir Kumar Jeetendra Nayak and Mrutyunjay Mohanty.

The Third Stream: Oḍiśī Music, Regional Nationalism, and the Concept of ‘Classical.’Asian Music 41/2 (2010): 149–179. (@ Project MUSE)
My attempt to understand the positioning of Odissi music as a “classical music” vis-à-vis Odia nationalism. I substantially revised this article in 2012 at the behest of IPROCH; it was published in The Odishan 1/2 (2012): 10–26. The revised version can be found here or here.